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Wedding Photographer 

Micahla Vaughn

"If you are a bride, she is your girl!"

I own Meadows Manor, a wedding venue in Ruston, LA. Micahla is the most professional and best photographer we have ever had at Meadows Manor. My husband and I have been portrait photographers for 48 years. So we can definitely recognize another professional. She is so devoted to her bride throughout the wedding and reception. If you are a bride, "she is your girl"!

Mrs. Faye - Meadows Manor, Ruston

"She wiped mascara off my face and fixed my hair."

Micahla deserves wayyyyyy more than 5 stars. Our photos came out beyond perfect! The work she does it amazing and she is one of the most kind people I’ve ever met! She wiped mascara off my face and fixed my hair. Seriously the best of the best!

"She was supportive and patient through it all."

Micahla photographed our wedding, engagement and my bridal photos. From our very first email I could tell she was going to be our photographer, this was before I had even talked to her on the phone or met her in person. Her kind personality just shines through the screen. I had a lot of anxiety about our engagement shoot matching what I had in my head and had lots of questions and a detailed shot list. Micahla was supportive and patient through it all and happily collaborated with me.  I knew I could trust her to capture the day better than the ideas I had in my head — she did not disappoint.